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AVA Music Group

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AVA Music Group

What do we offer?

We strive to be your reliable partner in bringing your audio software project to life, from inception to completion.
Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible visual experience for your customers, ensuring that your project is not only functional but also stands out from the competition.

Our goal is to help you create digital products that users love.

UI / UX Design

Crafting your Kontakt instrument, VST, standalone, or mobile app involves thorough research and strategy. We carefully assess your market fit, user flows, wireframes, and usability. Our process includes testing our concepts and addressing any issues early on to save you valuable time and resources.


Recognizing the significance of establishing a robust brand identity within the competitive audio industry, we collaborate with you to develop a tailored branding package. This package encompasses compelling product visuals, visually appealing graphics, and a unified brand voice that effectively resonates with your target audience across all platforms.

Scripting & Development

Develop your Kontakt instrument, VST, Standalone or Mobile app with research and strategy. We consider your market fit, user flows, wireframes, and usability. We test our concepts and fix issues early to save you time and money.

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What makes us different from other design agencies?

We came from “AVA Music Group” and we made our own audio plugin and kontakt instrument products. We understand the needs and preferences of music software users, and we design interfaces that are accessible, fun and easy to use. We also respect your deadlines and deliver your orders on time.

What types of service Drywest Design Offers?

At Drywest Design, we offer a range of services. Our services include:

  • Audio App, Audio Plugin, Virtual Instruments, Kontakt Instruments UI Design: We design user-friendly and attractive interfaces for your audio products, using the latest tools and techniques.
  • Audio App Development: We develop high-quality and reliable audio apps and plugins for various platforms, using the best coding practices and frameworks.
  • Marketing and Branding Strategy: We help you craft a unique and effective marketing and branding strategy for your audio products, using our expertise and experience in the audio industry.
  • Promo Video: We create engaging and professional promo videos for your audio products, using our skills and creativity in video production.

We are focused on audio app UI design, but we are also delighted to work on other domains.

Are we open to working on projects outside of music?

Yes, we can design for other domains as well. We are eager to learn and adapt to new topics. We can help you with your next mobile app, landing page, web app, and more.

How can I order a custom design?

It’s simple! Just click here and fill out the form. We will get back to you and schedule a meeting.

What information do I need to provide?

We would like you to provide us with the following information:

  • Product Description: A brief overview of what your product is and what it does.
  • Target Audience: Who are the potential users of your product and what are their needs and preferences?
  • Unique Selling Point: What makes your product stand out from the competition and why should users choose it?
  • Sketches: Any rough ideas or list of controls that you have for your product’s interface.
  • Style References: Any examples of existing products or designs that inspire you or match your vision.
  • Delivery Format: How do you want us to deliver the final design to you?
  • Timeframe: When do you need the design to be completed and delivered?

You don’t have to prepare all of these items in advance. We can send you a special form or we can discuss them in more detail during our live meeting.

What are our rates?

We base our pricing on your project’s scope, timeline, and deliverables. We offer fixed prices for projects with clear and defined scopes, so you can get your product on time and within your budget.

How do we go from your idea to the final design & Delivery?

We work with you at any stage of your project, from a rough idea to a clear vision.


Research and Strategy

We interview your stakeholders to establish open communication and a shared vision. We analyze your competitors to find UX opportunities. And we do user research to understand your customers’ needs and challenges, so you can avoid revisions and save time later.


Product Design

Based on the Research and Strategy phase, we create the core elements of your application. If you have a rough idea, we offer you 2 or 3 concept designs to choose from. We design the best layout for your use case, following usability principles. We then test the concepts to identify and fix problems before they cost you time and money.


Interface Design

We start the Interface Design phase with a Brand Attributes Workshop. This helps the product team to agree on the visual design language. Based on moodboards, we make mid- to high-fidelity mockups of your application to define the color, shape, fonts, and icons. The final outcome is a detailed and pixel-perfect interface design, with all screens, elements, states, and animations.



The final deliverables are development-ready designs made in Figma. They include:

  • UI/UX research document
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototype
  • UI animations
  • Design specification
  • Design system

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